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Hindustan Times, September 11, 2020

Parliament should have an integrated ‘Sansad TV’ rather than the existing two separate channels Lok Sabha TV (LSTV) and Rajya Sabha TV (RSTV), especially in the inter-session period, a committee set up to assess its feasibility, including some MPs, has suggested.

The committee’s recommendations are being examined by three sub-committees, and include aspects like integration of technical and manpower resources of both the channels and space planning for relocating RSTV.

The recommendation for the amalgamation of the two channels also led MPs to suggest that while LSTV and RSTV should continue their telecast of live proceedings of both Houses when they are in session, a single Sansad TV should run largely common content when the Parliament is not in session.

The integrated parliamentary channel, the committee said, should be driven by content focused on the functioning of the Parliament and state legislatures and other constitutional organs.

The committee also recommended a more robust editorial policy to make Sansad TV “emerge as an effective option for the viewers keen to know in detail about the functioning of parliamentary institutions and democracy,” a source said adding that this would be the channel’s unique offering.

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