Speaker urges MPs to ensure order during House session

Times of India, June 22, 2019

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla on Friday requested MPs to ensure order and discipline during House proceedings even as he maintained that he had high regard for all members and expected their cooperation in running the House smoothly.

“I will work to enhance the House’s dignity and my suggestion to members is that they should abide by rules and regulations,” Birla said at a press conference. He said he hoped to study parliamentary proceedings in other democracies in the world and draw from their best practices to conduct Lok Sabha in a better way.

He said he might have been strict in his conduct on Friday – the first day when he presided over parliamentary proceedings – by repeatedly asking members to refrain from interrupting those allowed by the Chair to speak.

He, however, asserted that he went by their advice – an apparent reference to opposition members – as they had pitched for running the House in a dignified manner. “Why should ‘zindabad-murdabad’ slogans be raised in the well or placard be brought in the well? Those interested in doing so have the freedom to do so outside,” he said

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