• “I am delighted to receive your letter of August 25 .regarding the constitution of a Parliamentarians? Forum on Economic Policy Issues. I would be delighted to associate myself with this Forum”

    Mani Shankar Aiyar

    Minister of Panchayati Raj

  • “I am delighted to receive your letter regarding the proposed Parliamentary Forum on Economic Policy Issues. I fully agree with the idea of the proposed Forum to discuss the divergent opinions on the core economic policy issues reflected in and out of the Parliament and the media and am eager to join this Forum”.

    Dr P J Kurien

    MP, Rajya Sabha

  • “I would be glad to join the Forum as it can be very creative and helpful for economic policy decisions taken by our nation”.

    Alok Kumar Mehta

    MP, Lok Sabha

  • “This is indeed a great idea to provide Parliamentarians the Forum to discuss the core economic policy issues and to arrive at a consensus cutting across party lines…in the various fields of trade particularly in the present day economic scenario where India is on the path of emerging as an economic giant in the world”.

    Santosh Bagrodia

    MP, Rajya Sabha

  • “…at this point of time when economic reforms are sweeping our country and globalisation has become all pervading, having a Parliamentarians Forum on Economic Policy Issues on non-partisan lines is most appropriate and would be appreciated by one and all irrespective of what political party one belongs”.

    M V Rajasekharan

    Minister of State for Planning, Government of India

  • “..offers a very good platform for Parliamentarians to share views and ideas on economic policy issues outside the more formal framework of the Parliament, which can educate and help create a better consensus on pressing issues affecting the country. Whatever be our affiliation, all Parliamentarians are patriotic and believe in ameliorating the lot of the poor? where differences in views exist, and these are debated”.

    Yashwant Sinha

    Bhartiya Janta Party and initiator of PARFORE

  • “..11 MPs…from different parties, reflects the universal need for such an important forum, which is very welcome. CUTS could organise subsequent sessions with analysis on economic bills which are presented in the Parliament, so that we can understand them better and be able to effectively participate in the debates”.

    Dinesh Trivedi

    Trinamool Congress and initiator of PARFORE

  • “..CUTS is rendering yeoman service to Parliamentarians on several economic policy issues, by providing Bill Blow-ups, it could continue to organise seminars, and interested MPs would find time to attend. Addressing the gaps in the regulatory framework in India is badly required, and the papers produced by CUTS will help spur a good discourse”.

    Sharad Joshi

    Swatantra Bharat Party MP

  • “…there are Parliamentarians from all political parties at PARFORE meetings, which is a very good sign. The forum should be able to create a better understanding without political compulsions”.

    Robert Kharshiing

    Nationalist Congress Party