Rahul Gandhi nominated to parliamentary standing committee on defence

Deccan Herald, August 16, 2023

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday back in the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence, days after his disqualification as Lok Sabha MP was revoked.

The Parliamentary Bulletin said Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla has nominated him and Dr Amar Singh to the Standing Committee on Defence.

Rahul had lost his membership in the Parliamentary Standing Committee after he was disqualified from Lok Sabha in March after he was convicted in a defamation case.

His membership in Lok Sabha was reinstated after the Supreme Court stayed his conviction. Following this, Congress suggested that he be nominated to the Committee on Defence, in which he was a member earlier.

NCP MP Faizal PP Mohammed, who similarly lost his membership in Lok Sabha and Standing Committee following his disqualification, was nominated to the Parliamentary Committee on Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution.

Faizal’s conviction in a murder case was stayed by Kerala High Court and his Lok Sabha membership was reinstated in March this year. However, he was not allocated any committee till now, though he was previously a member of the Standing Committee on Home Affairs.

In other nominations, new AAP MP Sushil Kumar Rinku has been allocated the panel on Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Food Processing.

YSR Congress MP Bharat Ram Margani has been nominated to Lok Sabha Committee on Petitions while BJP MP Kishan Kapoor has been nominated to the Lok Sabha Committee on Government Assurances.

The Speaker has also changed the nomination of BJP Karnataka MP Gangasandra Siddappa Basavaraj from the Standing Committee on Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution to the Standing Committee on Education, Women, Children, Youth and Sports.

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