PM launches ‘Central Hall’ – magazine of the ‘Parliamentarians of India’

Sify, February 05, 2011

The Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, launched ‘Central Hall’ – magazine of the ‘Parliamentarians of India’ brought out by the Constitution Club of India here on Monday.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Singh said: “I am very happy to have this opportunity to participate in this function which marks the beginning of a new era in the long distinguished history of the Constitution Club of India. It is a matter of great satisfaction that with the concerted efforts of the Governing Body, things are improving and that we have an ambitious agenda ahead of us to make this club as an effective instrument to provide recreation, but also provide food for thought to the members of Parliament and their families.”

“Parliament is a primary forum for discussion, dialogue, legislation and I don’t think anybody would deny that things are not what they ought to be. And therefore all of us have a responsibility to explore ways and means of ensuring that the primacy of Parliament as the primary legislative forum of our country, as a forum for dialogue on critical key issues of contemporary polity, society and economy, that these functions of Parliament are not forgotten,” he added.

The Prime Minister further said: “And therefore I believe, apart from these, there are other issues which are engaging public attention, the issue of electoral reforms, the manner in which political parties are funded, the issues that agitate people with regard to the effectiveness or lack of effectiveness of affirmative action which is a hallmark of Indian Constitution.”

“All these issues, I dare say require informed debate and I sincerely hope that this magazine, in-house magazine of the Constitution Club, would provide an opportunity to discuss and debate vital issues concerning our national polity,” he added.

Congratulating the members of the Governing Body and the editorial board of the Central Hall for taking this initiative, Dr. Singh said: ” I hope this will not only entertain but it would also be an instrument of creating a genuine discussion and dialogue on key issues of national importance.” (ANI)

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