Parliamentary panel for better coordination among ministries for faster freight movement

Economic Times, March  22, 2020

There is a pressing need for better coordination among various ministries for smooth execution of policies and faster freight movement, a parliamentary panel has said in its latest report tabled in Parliament. The report said the Ministry of Shipping, Railways, Civil Aviation, Road Transport and Culture and Tourism should collaborate with each other to ensure better governance.

The parliamentary panel report has also stressed the need for setting up a hotline common to all ministries to deal with any emergency.

Ministries of Civil Aviation, Shipping, Road Transport and Highways, Culture, Tourism, Railways are not only inter-related and interconnected but also share a common objective to improve connectivity and faster movement of freight in the country, in its latest report, the Standing Committee on Transport, chaired by T G Venkatesh said.

“The Committee…feels that there is a pressing need for having an effective co-ordination mechanism among these ministries so that the policies and guidelines formulated by them are executed seamlessly and can supplement each other in achieving these objectives,” the panel said.

This will not only increase effectiveness and efficiency, but will also help in utilisation of funds and skilled manpower to the maximum possible extent.

“Therefore, the committee recommends that an easy-to-use interface should be made available which allows hassle-free communication and coordination amongst them. A hotline number which is common to all these ministries may be established so that whenever emergency arises, there can be effective and prompt coordination,” it said.

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