Lok Sabha productivity at 10-year high

The Hindu, March 16, 2015

The current budget session is likely to be the most productive for the Lok Sabha in over a decade, according to official data. Both Houses of Parliament have worked for more than their scheduled time, so far.

The Lok Sabha worked for 113 per cent of its scheduled time as of Friday night, Parliament data compiled by the independent, non-partisan research group, PRS Legislative Research shows. This is the most productive it has been since 2002.

The Rajya Sabha also worked for more than its sanctioned time ? its productivity is at 104 per cent ? but has achieved this milestone on a few occasions in the recent past, including the first session of the 16th Lok Sabha and the first session of the 15th Lok Sabha.

On most days, Parliament was able to start without question hour being disrupted; it functioned for 78 per cent of the time in the Lok Sabha and 98 per cent of the time in the Rajya Sabha.

In all, the Lok Sabha passed 20 Bills this session. All six ordinances passed by the National Democratic Alliance government before the beginning of the session have been passed by the Lok Sabha, and three of these have been passed by both Houses.
Legislative business has been significantly slower in the Rajya Sabha.

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