In budget session, LS sees 121% productivity

Times of India, March 21, 2015

Lok Sabha members worked harder than their predecessors in the last decade with the just concluded budget session registering productivity of 121%. Despite disruptions and adjournments the House of Elders also did not fare too badly notching productivity of 109%, only second to the 2009 budget session.

The data compiled by independent think-tank, PRS Legislative Research, reveals that this LS session surpassed the monsoon session in 2005 that worked for 110% of the time, while the highest productivity for RS has been in the 2009 budget session that worked for 113% of the scheduled time. Productivity is considered on the number of hours the House sits as compared to the number of hours scheduled.

Question Hour in Rajya Sabha functioned for 98% of the scheduled time while Lok Sabha members were able to get responses 88% of the time. The lowest productivity in the last ten years has been in winter session of 2010 when LS worked for merely 6% of the time and RS worked for 2% of the time.

Official data from the parliamentary affairs ministry is also flattering: LS worked for 123.45% of the time, working an additional 23 hours 45 minutes while RS registered productivity of 106.79%. Among the significant bills that have passed include the Insurance Laws (amendment) bill, Motor Vehicles (amendment) bill and Citizenship (amendment) bill.

Commenting on the passing of mines and minerals bill and the coal mines bill that replace ordinances parliamentary affairs minister M Venkaiah Naidu said, “The Parliament has enabled the beginning of a new era of transparent governance in the country by ending the government’s discretion in allocation of minerals which has come to be a cesspool of corruption and malpractices. I would rate these two legislations at the top of the major outcomes of the Budget session so far. Passing of the insurance bill hiking FDI in insurance sector, is the next major outcome and I thank the Congress party for their support.”

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