Govt running away from Parliament, Winter session be convened immediately: Cong

UNI India, November 13, 2017

New Delhi : Charging the NDA government of running away from Parliament to avoid discussions on burning issues like demonetisation, poor GST implementation, the situation in Jammu and Kashmir and the Doklam standoff, the Congress on Monday demanded that the Winter session be convened immediately.

Talking to reporters here, AICC spokesperson Manish Tewari said,’the Winter session of Parliament is usually convened in the third week of November. Summons are issued to member of Parliament 15 days before it is convened.

However, it is already November 13 and till date there is no sign of the Winter session being called. Why is that the NDA Government is not convening the Parliament. What is that the Government is so scared of that it is running away from convening Parliament. We would like to demand that the Winter session be convened immediately. Let not any assembly election in a state become an excuse for the Government to run away from Parliament.’

Describing Parliament as being at the heart of Indian Democracy, Mr Tewari said it was a forum for discussion on several burning issues like demonetisation, GST, the situation in Jammu and Kashmir and the Doklam standoff.

‘It is the facing of Parliament that adds to the majesty of India’s Democratic tradition. There are several issues that loom on the National horizon- one year of Demonetisation and its impact on the Indian economy, the failed implementation of the goods and services tax, the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, India’s policy towards Pakistan, the situation in Doklam etc. The Parliament needs a discussion on these issues and the Government needs to come up with answers.

Is the Government scared of coming out with answers which is why the temple of democracy is not being convened,’ he said.

He said the government failing to convene Parliament was a reflection of this government’s lack of respect for National institutions, Mr Tewari said,’the larger issues is this Government’s lack of respect for National institutions like the Reserve Bank of India, the witch hunting of the comptroller and auditor general and the investigating agencies like the CBI being unleashed against the opposition.’

Asked about the plan of action by the Congress in case the Parliament session was not convened, Mr Tewari said,’if the Government still does not listen to us, all options are open. Whatever needs to be done to ensure the functioning of Parliament would be done. Under no circumstances will we allow subverting of institutions.’

Calling on all political parties to voice their concern on the issue, he said,’this is a basic issue on which political parties should voice their concern.

The Parliament reflects the voice of the people and all respect should be given to it.’

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