Bill Blowups

Bill Blow-ups are parliamentary briefs, which weigh the pros and cons of a bill tabled in the Parliament in a simple language to assist the busy MPs in understanding the issues and thus enhance the quality of debates so that better laws are enacted. One important dimension of any reform process is to enact the right kind of laws; and for the same a country needs well-informed Parliamentarians.

The interventions at the grassroots were closely related to the overall policy making with involvement of a wide spectrum of stakeholders towards good and better governance. A natural corollary was examination of bills tabled in the Parliament, particularly those relating to the socio-economic issues. CUTS took up this activity on its own in the year 2000-01, when the Competition Bill of India was being framed through researching, writing and distribution of ?Bill Blow-ups?.

The Bill Blow-ups have received accolades from not only the Parliamentarians but also line Ministries, academia, media and the civil society.

MV Rajasekharan compliments thus: “I know CUTS has been doing extremely useful work in providing information on various bills… It helps people to get a better understanding of the Bill as well as different perspectives on the Bill I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you for the good work please keep it up. Please do convey my best wishes to all those who are involved in bringing out such a piece of work”.

K Francis George, MP (LS), Kerala wrote: “I am also very thankful to you for sending valuable information on various issues and bills which come up in LokSabha”.