Issue Notes

Issues for Parliamentarians? (Issue Note) is a

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Bill Blowups

Bill Blow-ups are parliamentary briefs, which weigh

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De-briefing of the Hong Kong Ministerial

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The PARFORE e-discussion forum serves as a platform

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Special Endeavours

IN Focus

Parliamentarians often feel starved of research assistance and analytical work for healthy and meaningful debates affecting common people. Given their political and other duties, they sometimes feel constrained in terms of time to read lengthy analysis. Further, many issues under discussion are of such technical nature as to deter MPs from making.

Vidhayak Samvaad

Taking inspiration from PARFORE, CUTS initiated a similar forum at the state level called Vidhayak Samvaad in Rajasthan, which would not only discuss the economic issues, but also strive to coordinate between the Centre and State. It addresses the basic issues and plays a key role in implementing related policies and programmes aimed towards people?